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photo of Killer Whale Sunset BC
Killer Whale Sunset BC

A brilliant orange sunset reflects in the cloudy sky while a Northern Resident Killer Whale swims by in British Columbia, BC, Canada.
photo of American Eagle
American Eagle

A powerful bird of prey, the American Eagle is well adapted for hunting.
photo of Pictures Of Dolphins
Pictures Of Dolphins

Pictures of Dolphins, Pacific White Sided Dolphins of Northern Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada
photo of Symbols Of Peace
Symbols Of Peace

Stock Photo of an american bald eagle sitting in light snowfall, a symbol of peace.
photo of Cougars

Graceful and agile animals, cougars (mountain lions)are the largest wild cat in British Columbia, Canada.
photo of Peace Symbols
Peace Symbols

Stock photo of Peace Symbols, a proud bald eagle sitting during a winter snow storm on the beach.
photo of Cheetah Picture
Cheetah Picture

Cheetah Picture photographed on a trip in Namibia, Africa
photo of Bear Viewing
Bear Viewing

Photo of a cute bute large Grizzly bear - bear viewing pure!
photo of Eagles Birds
Eagles Birds

Funny picture of Bald Eagles birds sitting on driftwood along the beach.
photo of Polar Bears
Polar Bears

These cute polar bears were all lined up foraging along a wall in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.
photo of Cute White Coat
Cute White Coat

photo of Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf

Found in the northern regions of North America and Greenland, the arctic wolf survives in the harshest regions of the world.
photo of Cute Animals
Cute Animals

Red Panda's are native to China and definately belong in the category of really cute animals as you can see
photo of Bottlenose Dolphins
Bottlenose Dolphins

Bottlenose Dolphins underwater in their world we called dolphin's cove
photo of Cougar Animal
Cougar Animal

A beautiful but also dangerous sight, a cougar animal, also known as mountain lion. This stock photo of a cougar shows a fairly young animal.
photo of Puffin

The Atlantic Puffin is a small seabird which is the only puffin species found on the Atlantic Coast such as this one in Newfoundland, Canada.
photo of Baby Seal
Baby Seal

A baby harp seal is born without any teeth which later develop once the pup has moulted and begins to eat solid food such small crustations.
photo of Funny Animal
Funny Animal

This funny animal, a Harp Seal, looked like a cork stuck in the top of a bottle as she popped through a hole in the ice in the Gulf of St Lawrence.
photo of Husky

A cute husky dog poses for the camera just before leaving on a sled journey with visitors in the arctic of Alaska.
photo of Bear Cub
Bear Cub

A cute black bear cub awaits patiently for it's mom to return, from the safety of a tree in British Columbia, Canada.
photo of Dog Animal
Dog Animal

photo of Owl Pictures
Owl Pictures

A Great Horned Owl poses for some pictures while keeping a wide eye on its surroundings in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
photo of Funny Animal Pictures
Funny Animal Pictures

A husky dog poses for some funny animal pictures in Alaska.
photo of Sea Creatures
Sea Creatures

Pacific White Sided Dolphins are beautiful sea creatures and fun to watch.
photo of Pictures On Dolphin
Pictures On Dolphin

Pictures on Dolphin otherwise known as Lagenorhynchus obliquidens, their scientific name
photo of Bear Watching British Columbia
Bear Watching British Columbia

A young Grizzly Bear in Knight Inlet, British Columbia, photographed on a bear watching tour.
photo of Big Bear
Big Bear

photo of Bear Pictures
Bear Pictures

Bear Pictures, Denali National Park Alaska
photo of Grizzly Bear Photos
Grizzly Bear Photos

This grizzly bear photo captures a grizzly taking a bath in Denali National Park, Alaska.
photo of Pictures Of Polar Bears
Pictures Of Polar Bears

Stock Photo of Polar Bears
photo of Stellers Sea Lions
Stellers Sea Lions

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